Couples who want to get married in a swanky yet romantic location can visit London and check out the wedding venues available there. No place is too extravagant or bizarre for a wedding reception, may it be the Alexandra Palace or Big Ben. There are even couples who choose to wed at the West end theatre and football club!
Because you must pick your venue very carefully, consider these factors to find out which wedding reception venues London is best for you:
• Decide on a theme or style
What kind of wedding celebration you would like to have? Consider your personal style in answering this question. But, just because you are a very modern chic doesn’t mean that you can’t choose to host a renaissance themed wedding.
The theme and style you pick will help determine the kind of wedding venue that you can use. Keep in mind that your options are not limited to hotels, country clubs, restaurants, or banquet halls. Look beyond the common venues, think of the museums, parks, historical sites, and castles in London.
• How many guests do you expect to come?
At this point, you have already decided where to hold wedding celebration. Great! But before you head out to visit several wedding venues, there is still one thing that must be considered – the capacity of the room or venue.
It could be the most stunning venue, but if it can only accommodate 100 people when you have invited about 300 guests, it is of no use. Cramming them into a small facility could only turn your elegant wedding into crowd of annoyed guests.

• Find your wedding venue
Locate venues that meet the first 2 given criteria. You can search online or contact a wedding planning company to easily find venues that comply with your requirements. Then, arrange for ocular visit for each venue on your list. Finally, decide which one to rent.
You may also consider these wedding venues in London. These are popular places and you and your partner may find them interesting:
1. The Priory – an impressive pub with comfy furniture, fine drinks, and excellent British cuisine. The venue is well-maintained and traces of the times gone by are evident in its interiors. There’s a place for drinking, dining, and mezzanine for watching. The over-all ambiance is very cosy.
2. Altitude 360 London – a very classy place that is perfect for weddings. It is to be found on the 29th floor of Westminster’s Millbank Tower. This place offers a splendid view of the world famous landmarks in London like the Big Ben and House of Parliaments. The Altitude 360 London can hold up to 1,250 guests. Entertainment may be arranged for a night of revelry which the newlyweds and their guests will never forget.
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